hello, im mike 25 years old with a 4-year-old son named Brayden that I dearly love so much. Well lets start off, my life has been a roller coaster (said no-one ever). From growing up around drug addicted family members, to gang fights, stabbings, parties, drugs, money, girlfriends, homelessness, watching my future slip away and of course can’t forget the good my son being born, the way my ex girlfriend changed my life forever and meeting an incredible family that have always accepted me for who I am. and how my life turned upside not to long ago. I’m sharing this because I feel like some of you can relate. Not to fast though, get to know me first.

I’ve never blogged before but I dreamed of doing this since I was 10 years old I just didn’t know how to put it together so it was pushed away like all my other ideas. I never had desire to share with the world how my life went until now. Heres one for the books when I was about 6 years old (1998), I was wild, let me tell you I didn’t care what anybody said I was gonna go out with my friends ride bikes and do what 6 year olds do. play in the sand, show who’s the biggest on the block anyways. I remember vividly it was about a week from my birthday back in 1998 where everything was done in person, there was no cellphones or iPad or cameras it was the pure kid to kids interaction. I was riding this huffy shiny bike I got from my dad. I was with a friend riding all over the neighborhood (whom is still my good friend today) we will name him MO. He was riding beside me as we came up to this street north 27th and potter st. Lincoln, Nebraska. it’s a 2 way busy street with 4 lanes splitting a median that had a cross walk it was about 6pm at night. I knew I had to be home but I didn’t care (how we knew was when the porch light came on). Looking at the area this is what I saw, cars buzzing through the intersection at 45-50 mph, a big recreation field in front of me, and the red bricked Salvation-Army was our destination and that was where the cool kids went to hangout at our age. all I could think about was getting inside and seeing all my friends. Then I remember looking to my right and north 27th and fair st. and then the 27th street bridge the gleaming green street lights lit up the night. I knew positively that nothing was gonna happen and sure was I wrong. something happened alright and it changed my life forever. This all I’m gonna share today I really hope you guys tune in tomorrow around 9:30pm cst to find out more about this story.

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