Today was a tough day at work I’m exhausted but I was able to chit-chat with my baby boy over FaceTime today so it brought me back up with a smile. I sure do miss him so much, if you guys didn’t know I’m currently working out of Arizona, my son lives in Nebraska with his mother and I couldn’t be more grateful for a person she is today! she has left me speechless from time and time again. Anyways it was a good day I cooked some curry chicken with basmati rice for lunch and let me tell you it was way better than fast food any time of the day.. 


So where was I? it was march of 1998 I was with my friend MO we loved riding our bikes everywhere. There was no limitation on where we could have went. I mean it was freedom I felt freedom. but for my parents it was worry sick over me. They advised me to stay within the boundaries of the neighborhood but I didn’t listen I wanted to explore everywhere. so there I was sitting on the side east side of 27th and potter right across from the red brick Salvation Army I was only an arm’s length away. I knew I could make it no problems. The problem was I crossed that street with no regrets (don’t laugh at me) seriously I looked both ways as my parents taught me and there was no signs of cars for about a block so I took my leap of faith. All I could remember was looking back and my friend mo stood there frozen as I turned my cheek back to the cross walk. I saw a glimmer of my mom my dad my brother, sister basically everyone in existence flash before my eyes. What I remember next was the tragic moment of me laying in the middle of the street about 20-30ft north of where I was at. I was struck by a vehicle going about 45-50mph. I knew it was it for me, I knew that would be the last time anybody was ever going to see me. or probably in a casket at my funeral. This is what I remember. A red SUV, people screaming jumping out of their cars, brakes squealing, tires screeching cars getting hit left and right and there it was, total silence. I remember being able to see everything but I could not move at all. like everything was fading in and out. I knew I was dead and I was looking at my body from the outside. I guess you could say another world. I saw people running up to me crying screaming and yelping for help. I didn’t move but my eyes were open the whole time. about 2-3 minutes pass I hear sirens and not your normal sirens but like an entire convoy of jacked up ambulances and firetrucks. Police were scattered all over the streets and trying to contain the situation. It was a chaotic scream but then again my eyes saw everything as I laid there lifeless. I was dead I knew I was dead, I didn’t feel anything, It was like a brief moment of serenity. As paramedics were attending my lifeless body, I saw one of them open my eyes and put a flash light to see if would respond, there was no response. One of them checked my pulse and I heard them yelling out  “its weak call in the bird”. and that was when I lost connection to the world. In that moment I knew I had left this world.

This is all I’m sharing today but I hope you guys check in tomorrow for more, around the same time thank you for reading this you have a blessed day. -Mike

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