IMG_20170426_100622hello friends, well I woke up today feeling extra good about the day!! i was determined to get a good amount of work done today and i accomplished. You know it’s a good day when wake up smiling and go home smiling. I didn’t eat lunch today but its ok i made a nice dinner. Chicken salad w/dark almonds and blueberries. i want talk to you guys about something that means a lot to me and the people around me. Positivity, something people lack in this generation and the reason why i say lack is because i guess some people walk around holding something on their shoulder like there entitled to something. One thing I’ve learned growing up is you work for stuff. It’s never given out like candy unless of course you’re a billionaire.Try walking around with a smile, walk around with a sense of courtesy, because you may not see it in the beginning but just being positive around someone that’s filled with dark energy can bring them to light. I’m not saying anyones perfect but give it a shot. For almost 2 years now i have been trying really hard to wake up with a smile and just improve the energy for anyone around me. Its been working because over the course i’ve built up a lot of strong relationships and made a handful of good friends. I try not to find a reason to be negative because it will have a big effect on your way of living and the people around you as well. You absolutely will have stress, built up energy ready to be released. Find something that will impact your day for the better, there is no reason to be putting yourself or anybody else down. i have dealt with a lot of this for years and if i want change i gotta do it myself. Surround yourself with people who want you to succeed, to grow and give you motivation to reach your goals. I promise thats the first step to success. otherwise you will live your life wondering if you are gonna be the next great thing. Stay ambitious and stay strong, i know you have it in you. Everybody has a fire it just needs to be lit. thankyou for tuning in this blog ill resume my PART 3 story tomorrow you guys have a blessed night and thankyou again.

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