Death has an unusual way of presenting itself. Hopelessness slips in, fear starts to drain the mind, and anxiety sinks in so deep that your constantly feeling despair. My lifeless body was getting lifted onto a stretcher, in front of me (I’m unconscious by the way, this is reports from my friends and family that saw the tragic scene) sits a helicopter whooshing and whooshing. Making an ungodly noise as if a apache helicopter just landed on 27th street intersection. Mo my good friend, I couldn’t have imagined how you felt at that moment. Not knowing whether I’m dead or alive. He rode straight home to be with his family and was terrified at what just happened, I don’t blame him. As the chaotic scene is happening. My brother lee was out at the same time looking for me desperately trying to find me. But for some reason he had an uneasy feeling, the scene was only blocks from the house. And you could hear everything from probably a mile away. He kept reassuring himself that couldn’t have been me. I never returned home that night.

He searched frantically for me and I’m no where to be found. He’s riding down the streets and still find no signs, no hope. He heads over to my buddies house, Mo and the whole family is greeting him at the door like they just seen a ghost. They broke the news to him that I was struck by a vehicle. My brother rushed to 27th and fair street and found the bloodied scene and helicopter taking flight. (He described it the best way he could “it was like a movie scene”) He rushed home and alerted everyone and that’s when things took turns for the worst ( the feeling must have been dreadful). I know I was dead there was no way I would survive that. I had a gaping hole in my skull along with lacerations all over the body I was a bloody mess. I Imagined how my family felt and the only thing describes their feeling was anguish. I’m sorry dad I’m sorry mom I’m sorry for everyone that knew me.
I want to thank you everyone for reading, stay tune for part 4 coming soon. Your comments are more than greatly appreciated!!

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