I-Love-You-Mom-16.jpgI was only 19 when it happened, the person in my life that gave me life, that bathed me when I was just a small infant, the person that made sure we were fed everyday, the one that made sure we were loved every night, you gave me a desire to love, you gave me fire in my soul, you gave me a reason to smile every day, every moment was precious for you, birthdays were out of this world, you would hold me at night when I was scared, you changed my diaper and gave me a smile every time, you held me close to you to feed me milk, you would sneak me in bed right in the middle of you and dad, you gave me hope, you gave me the ability to care for the world and everyone in it, ill never forget what you did for me, then you got sick when I was just going to school, I always thought when you gave birth to me that I caused your complication, that I was the reason for you getting so ill. You would try so hard to get out of bed just to walk me to the school bus every morning, you would give me kisses, you would then sit outside and wait for me to come home to only make you weaker but you tried so hard, you then couldn’t get out of bed to do that anymore, you would only have enough energy to come downstairs to eat with us, you would do anything for us even it diminished your health, you were there when I almost died, I would come home from school and rush to your bed side to tell you what I learned at school, you would always love your foreign movies, I remember bringing food to your bedside to make sure you ate, i would tell you stories from school, I would lay with you for hours and watch the film together even though I had no clue what was going on, time went on and you weren’t getting better but you still had strength in you, I remember giving you kisses before going to middle school, I would rush home and you would come out to the kitchen to eat with me and you looked so tired, you would always ask me how I’m doing, I’m doing ok, How are you?.I remember going through years of my sisters and dad taking care of you and making sure you were ok everyday, you went on a lot of doctors visits and your daughters made sure you did everyday, I remember the pills you would take everyday just to feel ok, I remember dad giving you insulin shots every day, I remember dad coming home from work late at night and would always make sure you had whatever you like, dad would do it no matter what, you were the blessing that made me the man I am today and I’m forever grateful.I remember not being there during your last doctors visit, i remember not appreciating you everyday, I remember leaving to go out and hang with my friends for hours and hours and you would worry but to sick to do anything, I’m so sorry, I remember misbehaving in class and you would tell me to behave and I didn’t listen, I neglected our relationship and you still loved me everyday no matter what. i stopped coming by your bedside to talk to you, I stopped giving you kisses every morning, i remember sneaking out of the house while you were sick in bed, I remember lying to you about where I’m going or what I was doing, I remember when you fell asleep forever, I was too late. I was to late to tell you I love you one last time. And now I’m to late. But I want you to know that I hold you everyday in my heart and I can feel your touch and it helps me everyday MOM. Thankyou so much

I really hope this gives you insight on how everything in life doesn’t last forever. You have to cherish every moment you have with your loved ones because in the end they love you. Call your mom and dad or whomever took care of you and tell them how appreciative you are. I wish you were still here but I promise ill grow up loving my son just as much as you loved me.

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