You ever wondered what cities would be on your next list to visit and actually be enjoyable. Heres a list of 10 cities I’ve visited and would do it again in a heartbeat. I appreciate the support you guys been giving me I hope you enjoy this. In this segment, ill be sharing the number 10 spot that have caught my attention and i certainly will be revisiting.

10 – Houston, Texas

The city gives off an upbeat, stylish vibe from high-end stores to finding the best breakfast ive ever tasted then ending it with a sandy beach. When my family ended up moving down to the Houston area i was extremely excited for the new scenery changes and of course the beach. My first impression was not good, it was mid July whenever i got off the plane at the international airport, the air struck me like a freight train and it was hard for me to breathe, the moisture and humidity in the air made my clothes stick to my skin. I honestly didn’t like it at all. But as time passed i found a love for the area because of the people and the variety of food it offered. I experienced as much as i could from the night life in downtown, to the sandy beaches.  I was here for 2 weeks and while i was here this was the best eating spot i found and let me tell you it was something truly out of this world was called The breakfast Klub – a soul food location for someone who wants a break from the ordinary breakfast you usually would have. I ordered chicken and waffles with a side of sunny side up eggs and it was absolutely stunning the yolk drizzled off the egg so perfect, it was like your staring into a food network commercial. The egg was cooked to perfection. The chicken was crispy and crunchy, the meat had a savory taste of a little spice and a little kick (i ordered it that way). Then comes the magnificent golden brown Belgium waffle that i considered the best i have ever had. It is decently priced and you get more than you paid for.  I hope you guys give this place a try when your there i promise you wont be disappointed. After breakfast had ended i made my way down to the sandy beach of Galveston TX located about 40 miles from Houston. The feeling of first arriving there was stunning, the atmosphere was crisp and fresh. The palm trees made it seem like you were off the coast of the Bahamas. The sun shined down making your skin glow so make sure you bring sunscreen with you.

I hoped you enjoy this segment, next week ill release my number 9 spot!!



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