I apologize for the long wait “initiative”

I’ve been completely swamped with work and my son, I almost forgot my passion to write. I’m back though and I’m going to be trying harder and harder to release as much content as I can. So I am terribly sorry you have been waiting. It was my son’s birthday about 2 weeks ago and it was one of the most memorable birthdays we’ve given him. I was a proud dad financially, emotionally and physically. Everything was good, it was great actually. We rented out a bowling alley for his party and it was a success. Lots of family and friends showed up and brought smiles with. I learned something very valuable that day, it was the fact at that moment I felt like a proud father to him. Being able to provide him everything he needed that day. It was an honor. Im currently in South Carolina on my next project and staying happy. I’ve taken steps in the right direction to launch my start-up. I’m a few months away.

I want to talk about a particular trait that have caused me turmoil in my life. Have you ever imagined a time you wanted to do something that you knew was going to benefit your life for the better, but you didn’t pull the trigger? It may have been something holding you back such as balanced work/home life. If your comfortable with your life at that moment, why try to push your luck. Or flip it around and say nothing is balanced, nothing is going your way, but you want change but are too scared to act upon it. Losing money, losing friends, losing loved ones, losing something that is of value to you. I get it, but are you not the one who controls the next move. I figured out initiation is one of the key components to a successful life. Regardless of the outcome, do you want the satisfaction that it was in your control? I figured out with my life that if I want to be a leader of my destiny. I will have to make moves that may cause me to lose something that holds a lot of value. I learned that it makes you stronger to let go in order to move up. I’m not telling you to leave your comfortable life for a better one. By all means stay happy and humble, but if you want change you hold it in your hands. Take initiative if things are not looking better take control of your life and build it. Thankyou for reading this, I’m wishing this can help someone someday.

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