July 2nd 2017
After driving 19 hours from Phoenix AZ. I arrive in my hometown Lincoln. NE. The smell, the atmosphere, the country. It felt really good to be back. The moment we arrived I smelled the fireworks from miles away. The moment I got into town I unloaded my stuff and went straight to my sons and it was the most amazing feeling in the world. He was finally back in my arms after being almost a month away. I had a whole week with him. This was honestly one of the most memorable vacation weeks I’ve had in a very long time. Nothing went wrong. I remember the first morning I was gonna have him all to myself, the night before me and my nephew went shopping for all sorts of food to make sure I had enough to cook for breakfast, lunch and dinner, I had to actually call his mother and ask about everything he liked. It was definitely an eye opener but it was a good feeling. He came over and I was up and cooking eggs, pancakes, made 2 bowl of cereals for us and 2 glasses juicy-juice. Nothing went to planned but it was hilarious how nervous I was since it was the first time he would get to spend mornings for a while. We both laughed about it over the bowl of cereal. He truly changed my vision over the years he’s grown. I plan on making sure he has more time with me because the week went by to quickly. I’m coming home soon son…
Waking up , the hardest thing to do was realizing where I’m at or how I got there? I saw my dad sleeping next to my bed and my sister across it. i remembered asking the nurse for milk after she arrived. The doctors rushed in and couple of other nurses with clipboards. My dad immediately woke up, and jumped to my aid. He was so shocked and happy at the same time he couldn’t believe it. I was still very weak and brittle at the time but I was able to move most of my body. Everything was too much at the time, so I blacked out again. Dreaming of the life I once had before the crash, something beautiful and peaceful but I knew i was gonna wake up soon to the reality. Over the course of a week, I was dozing in and out of my sleep. My dad was attending to me the entire time and wouldn’t leave my sight. When I finally was able to come out of the blackouts, I started to talk more and move around in my bed. My therapist basically helped me get my functions back to normal condition. It was like starting life all over again, no seriously it was. My dad had to help me walk all over the hospital. A couple of days pass and I’m learning everything quickly. The doctors ran numerous test me to see how recovered and how I even was able to walk. I never got an explanation they were baffled. My head remained bandaged because there was a soft spot where my brain was vulnerable. I was joined by friends and family over the course of the week bringing gifts and toys. Even the Nebraska soccer team stopped in and talked to me for a bit. It truly was a blessing to be awake again. The doctors confirmed that nothing was broken, damaged and that I was going to make a full recovery. I knew they were still shocked, but hey I guess everything happens for a reason. Thankyou for tuning into this chapter I really hoped you guys enjoyed the segment.

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