July 25th 2017 it’s about 11pm Pacific time and I’m sitting here in the dark writing, when I should be asleep. Life has its way of opening doors and closing another. As I lay here restless writing to you, I felt something today I haven’t felt in a long time. Its been a good 2 weeks since I’ve been away from my son and its putting pressure on me because everyday he is growing and learning something new without me. Don’t worry I’m still calling him everyday to make sure everything is ok. I’ve been tired, really tired and it’s because sometimes I feel like my work has to be above average. We finished our building here in phoenix, and catching a flight tomorrow back to SC. on July 29th I’m flying out to Houston Texas to finally reunite with my family, and there finally gonna be able to spend some quality time with my son. Its been a long time awaiting and its putting a lot of pressure on me. Most of the time I’ve been putting my feelings aside to accomplish a project, its been swaying me away from something that’s important. You’ve been on my mind since I left and for some reason I can’t shake it off. I don’t know if your presence made an impact on me but it feels good. I haven’t felt this connection since…….Its striving me to do better in life and to keep pushing to the top, maybe you’re the missing key to my locked door. Time can only tell.

I’ve been in recovery and therapy for almost 2 weeks and my progress has been magnificent. The doctors were truly astonished on how fast I recovered. My head was still bandaged because I have a weak spot on the back of my head. My mom and dad were helping me everyday to regain my strength. I would’ve never imagined having to go through life as a baby again. I’ve made a home at the hospital and that’s the life I knew for weeks, so leaving was something I was truly scared of. On my ride home with the family I’m gazing out the window looking at the outside world, it caused me to have headaches and I would close my eyes and eventually fell asleep. It had only felt like minutes before we arrived home, even though it took an hour to get home. The blood was pumping through my head and felt like it was about to explode. My father gave me some medicine to reduce the headaches but it only made me sleepy. Adjusting was gonna be the hardest part of my recovery. I laid at home for weeks on end, a never-ending cycle of being treated like a baby. I was grateful but I was only 7 at the time so all I wanted to do was go outside and have some fun. As the days were passing I remember one particular memory that stood out. About the 3rd day I was home, my entire 3rd grade class came to visit me at my home. They lined the streets up with posters and candles and telling me to get well soon. The site was something unimaginable but I felt the love and care in their hearts. I remember my friends crying because they saw my head bandaged as I stood on my front porch. It was a beautiful sight, but I knew I was in for a long month of recovery. I was begging to back to school on the 5th day. My parents grew more worrisome because of the actions I was displaying at home. I became super active and an energy ball. My parents told me to take easy but I never listened. My recovery lasted 4 weeks. This life after the accident was a change of course in my history it defined who I am today and what I stand for now. Thankyou

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