Love is something so sacred, that you can’t even fathom. Its something most people will experience but it can also cost you everything. Loving someone is not something you take lightly. it is a commitment to staying true to your word. Ive been in love and fell out of love and then became so infatuated with this woman that it caused me years of constant worry, stress, and doubts. There was a woman that caught my heart, she literally had it in her hands and  everything fell out of touch. I tried for the longest time to win her back and nothing was working. Thats when I thought love was dead, that there is nothing more I could do to make it work. It was the hardest decision of my life to let go of the one person I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. After I let go things started to smooth out of me. I started being me again and it felt good. I felt the wrath of someone not wanting you, but you wanted them so bad. I fell out of the love triangle and finally finding common ground. Letting go is a part of life. I learned it the hard way but it molded me into a man for my next love. I still believe in mythical romance. The flowers delivered to the door for any occasion, sitting under the stars staring at each other, or holding the door for a woman. Not all hope is lost. Thank you for reading.

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