I’m not here to preach trust me, something valuable that I think should be in embedded in you. More than ever I’ve came across moments where I lost hope in life, or lost faith in everything else. I get it, everybody sooner or later hits a rock bottom of their life and they can’t climb out. At 16 I made a decision to leave my family and pursue an adolescent premature, preemptive, juvenile life. The worst possible mistake I made in my life. My future was set for me but I blew it away because I thought partying and having fun was it. It was the highlight of the teen years. Oh yeah, until everything eventually dies out. i was so motioned on the idea of booze, drugs, women, status, rep and gangs. This combination is what led me to write this to you. I lost hope in myself, and it led me down the darkest alley imaginable.

I saw things most people haven’t seen there entire lives. Faith is what got me out. Drugs and alcohol allowed a side of me that I thought never could exist. But at 14 years old I started to experiment and I fell in love. The idea of losing everything during my high school years didn’t bother me. Failing at life didn’t bother me and people didn’t matter to me. I completely lost myself to the drug cocaine. It caused me to drink more and try out different types of drugs. Ecstasy, Xanax, hallucinogens.  I attended parties and people thought I was out of high school already because of the fact the things I was doing aged me. I was getting in fights, sneaking out, staying out of the house for days and returning home because I needed food or money. My entire family tried everything they could to try to get me back on course but nothing worked. Ignorance and arrogance is what flooded my mind when the right people were giving me advice.

I just didn’t care. I don’t blame anybody but myself. I had choices and I just made the wrong ones. At 15 years old I tried out for the football team, and that only lasted for so long until the real fun started to happen. Football was my dream until I chose to leave it and become a party animal. My parents tried telling me over and over again and I never listened. I disrespected them for my so-called friends. I was bumping to 2pac, Biggie, Nas, jay z, Dre, Eminem you know the gangsta rap. I tried being someone I knew clearly I wasn’t. I lostmy entire teen life because I was ignorant and arrogant. 16 years old I got placed in a juvenile system. In other words a ward of the state and everything went down hill from there.  I hope you guys are keeping up thankyou so much for following. I will release another part as soon as i can.

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