18077069_10212584535905205_4777809754332386783_oIm Michael, I am 25 years old, I have a son named Brayden and he is my world my everything. I am a father to my son and I’m doing this because the world deserves some stories. I’ve been through a lot through out my life. From dying 3 times, going to rehab, failing miserably at school, doing plenty of drugs, drinking plenty of booze, doing whatever I can to ruin my life. thats where I was headed for most of my life. my family didn’t have it any easier as well, we lived in a small 4 bedroom duplex that was public housing. I’m not ashamed of it at all. I have 4 brothers and 3 sisters all older so I was the youngest out of the bunch. My dad and mom had a close relationship until mom got sick and dad tried his hardest to maintain composure while watching all of us. My 2 sisters were the root of the family they held things together while my dad was working. my mom got very ill when I was at a very young age. so I never really had my mom while growing up. ill get to that later. well lets just say I’m 25 years old traveling the U.S. with my best friend and I’m enjoying whatever life offered me. I hope you guys like these blogs because its a part of me I want to share with you guys. and trust me theres a lot. Thankyou so kindly for taking your time to read this.