“Ambitious, motivation and determination”

IMG_20170426_100622hello friends, well I woke up today feeling extra good about the day!! i was determined to get a good amount of work done today and i accomplished. You know it’s a good day when wake up smiling and go home smiling. I didn’t eat lunch today but its ok i made a nice dinner. Chicken salad w/dark almonds and blueberries. Read more

Part 2- continuous of the fast lane, Hi my name is Michael

Today was a tough day at work I’m exhausted but I was able to chit-chat with my baby boy over FaceTime today so it brought me back up with a smile. I sure do miss him so much, if you guys didn’t know I’m currently working out of Arizona, my son lives in Nebraska with his mother and I couldn’t be more grateful for a person she is today! she has left me speechless from time and time again. Anyways it was a good day I cooked some curry chicken with basmati rice for lunch and let me tell you it was way better than fast food any time of the day..  Read more

A day in the fast lane, hi my name is mike

hello, im mike 25 years old with a 4-year-old son named Brayden that I dearly love so much. Well lets start off, my life has been a roller coaster (said no-one ever). From growing up around drug addicted family members, to gang fights, stabbings, parties, drugs, money, girlfriends, homelessness, watching my future slip away and of course can’t forget the good my son being born, the way my ex girlfriend changed my life forever and meeting an incredible family that have always accepted me for who I am. and how my life turned upside not to long ago. I’m sharing this because I feel like some of you can relate. Not to fast though, get to know me first. Read more

A dream that unfolded 15 years later.

I always dreamed of being a blogger, to be able to share my life with you guys. One day I would like the world to see this. The inspiration I got was when I was about 7-8 years old I stood on a podium at an event center holding up the 1st place essay I wrote regarding an almost near death experience. Overlooking 100s of people dressed in suits. The moment was when I finished reading my essay out loud and I felt a sigh of relief like something was accomplished. The crowd cheered and roared, it felt like something out of a movie scene ill never forget it. Fast forward couple of years I saw the first ever blog on a Mac old school computer and I was fascinated. At 10 years old I knew I wanted to do something about writing, possibly photo journalism, or even just a daily blogger. Whatever it was I wanted the world to know whats crossing my mind. So here I am 15 years later with a lot of untold stories I want to share with you. So stick around and you will see how my life unfolded the way it did. I’m currently writing up my book so these will be inside scoops I really hope you enjoy this thank-you!!